Property management can be a
weight on your mind.

Pass it to a friendly, expert pair of hands.

Usefully, as independents, we maintain relationships with many estate agents.

So we can source the best tenants and negotiate optimum leases and rents. Because we work this way, we also provide a superior tenant experience.

Better property management. Cared-for properties. Better tenants. Better results for you all round – financial, practical, in peace of mind. In short, sanity and stability in a world of sometimes extreme complexity.

London property is our home ground, our environment, our pad. We know the market, the procedures, the service suppliers, the regulations, local best practice, thoroughly and in detail. But we promise something more.

What more? Well, these are personal qualities. Things that depend on our own motivations. On intentionally staying small. Knowing each of our customers as a friend – and treating them as such. Basic, down to earth, practicality.

There are other qualities too. Our single-minded focus. Property management comes first. We also deal in lettings, but strictly within our property management framework.

Welcome to XPPM. Whatever your property management needs, welcome to a sense of freedom.

Welcome to absolute reliability, to personal trust, to proven professional capability.


We regularly take on a property’s complete financial management, efficiently, effectively, economically. We’ll pay your rents into one account or several accounts, just as you specify. We can even ensure all necessary information goes neatly to your accountant at year end.

A single point of contact for your entire property portfolio? Yes, wherever your properties are, from central London west to Twickenham. Experienced property search and advice? Assistance with developing new property investment assets? No problem. The experience and expertise is right here. We do whatever it takes to care for, and further, your best interests.

So relax. You’re in the right place, talking with the right people.

Your priorities are ours. It might be primarily return on investment. Or you may want mostly to know your property’s kept to the highest standards, so that when you return to it, you can move in as if nothing had changed.

We make sure we know your property just as thoroughly. We can prepare it for letting, advising on and accomplishing whatever needs to be done to secure superior value. We have the same responsiveness in tenant relationships.

So we’re equally proactive, ensuring maintenance runs smoothly and emergency repairs don’t miss a heartbeat. When something’s urgent – the plumbing, the alarm system, the locks – we’re right there with trusted, reliable, fully-insured tradespeople.

Financial accountability? Rely on it. We’ll make sure your returns are maximised, vacant periods minimised, and costs kept firmly in control.

In truth, our approach is as individual as those we work for, as variable as personally required. It’s a matter of fitting our experience, our expertise, to your exact or changing needs.


As a team, a close team too, we’ve been together for a number of years. We combine relevant, diverse sets of skills and deep practical experience. We’re fully familiar with every aspect and detail of property management, every factor that comes into ideal lettings arrangements.

XPPM was born with a vision. And we keep to it today. (Why would we want to change anything as enjoyable?) We’re people serving people.

As our principal, Colinette Hyatt, says:

I’m a people person. There’s no doubt about it! So I make sure all of our clients, as well as our tenants, get the best experience possible. Valuably too, having lived in France, New Zealand and the UK, I’m fluent in French and English. My previous background in marketing communications and project management adds obvious value to client service. Add my experience as a property owner, and experience in fully refurbishing properties, it means I know the workings of buildings through and through. It makes an unusually useful and valuable combination. It’s one I use, in total, every day of the week. And there’s nothing I’d rather be doing!

The larger the business, the more they need to talk about personal service. And, in truth, the less it genuinely means.

Sometimes, just sometimes, a business decides to stay small. It’s a decision that reflects the characters and concerns of its owners. It’s about having time to get to know people – really know them, and be able to respond with personal knowledge. That’s the way we look at things at XPPM. It’s why we do what we do. It’s why we do things the way we do.

Our own backgrounds are international. Some ten years ago, we started managing our friends’ properties along with our own.

When they returned home or were posted elsewhere – mostly to the US, France, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand – they left their keys and instructions with us. We could be relied on. It’s that simple.

Because we’re used to doing things for ourselves and, now, many close friends (no matter how distant geographically), we’re used to doing things properly, efficiently and economically.

We began working for friends. And almost nothing has changed. Certainly not in terms of personal focus, care and responsiveness. It’s what our whole culture’s based on.


Where do we start? There’s almost nothing we don’t do when it comes to managing a property, managing a landlord’s interests, and managing tenant well-being. All with single-minded commitment, with genuine pleasure.

Getting your property ready

Naturally, to maximise rental returns, your property must be well presented. But this doesn’t have to be a nuisance for you. We can offer advice and project management services. It could be anything from simple redecoration to, if needed, new kitchen or bathroom fittings. And, of course, we’ll make sure your property complies with all safety regulations for gas, electricity and furnishings.

Refurbishment when needed

Time for a substantial property improvement? Relax. Like everything else we do, we remove the stress. Completely. It comes down to extensive experience. We’ll advise, sensibly, on what needs to be done and what can be left. And we’re unswerving on matters of cost-benefit, ensuring we tailor expenditure precisely to investment returns. (We even know the surfaces and colours that work best, and last longest, across the board for tenants.)

Equally important, we guarantee professionalism. We’re fastidious about quality and reliability, from start to finish.

We have a veritable army of proven, trusted tradespeople at our fingertips – people who’ve long worked for us and with each other. And our attention to effective, efficient and economic project management is second to none.

Timing? We never let it slip. We’re familiar with undertaking and completing the work to rigorous deadlines, prior to a let, even getting the work done while tenants are away for a couple of days, or  minimising disruption while tenants are there.

Tenant search

Put your feet up. We’ll do the leg work. We’ll negotiate with a number of estate agents on your behalf to market your property. Simply, we ensure that you get the best tenant at the highest rent as quickly as possible. Until a suitable tenant is found, we’ll chase the agents mercilessly for regular updates and feedback. We’ll then report this back to you weekly, with suggestions on how to take things forward.

Once your property is let

  • Transfer of utilities

    We’ll notify existing service providers and the local authority of the tenant’s liability (if appropriate) for payment of services and council tax during the tenancy. At the end of the tenancy, we’ll contact the service companies and request transfer of responsibility for the service accounts back to you.

  • Rent collection

    We receive all rents on your behalf. We’ll forward net rents to your bank and regular rent statements to you and/or your accountant. We’ll send annual statements for tax purposes, and can liaise with your accountant regarding tax returns. If you hold multiple properties, the benefits are plain in working with us as a single management company.

  • Payment of outgoings

    On your instruction, and where we hold sufficient funds, we’ll pay ground rents, service charges, council tax, water rates, insurance premiums and any regular outgoings out of the rental income, as and when demands are received.

  • Repairs, maintenance & replacement

    The needs come round, and we’ll be ready, whatever’s needed. We’ll happily attend to day-to-day minor repairs and maintenance of the property and its contents. This requires an appropriate float at the commencement of management to enable us to meet any expenditure on your behalf. In emergencies and when we consider it necessary, we will act decisively to protect your interests without consultation.

  • Property visits & defects

    Our service includes non-expert investigation of defects, which come to our notice or are clearly and adequately brought to our notice by the tenant. There is no additional fee for this. We see it as part of our overall property management responsibility.


It’s not what we say that matters. It’s what our clients say about us. And their comments are, quite honestly, our best reward. We’re delighted to share the typical references we’ve received …

Colinette and her team have managed my flat in Central London for almost 7 years. In that time, she has done everything - from the everyday tasks of organising tenants and their usual requests, replacing and removal of furniture, helped with neighbours, fixed damp related issues and has even managed a complete refurbishment of the flat. I live in Australia and Colinette makes owning a property on the other side of the world a breeze. Nothing is too much trouble …

Issues with the property are looked after immediately, proactively. XXPM will inform the client if there is work that needs to be done to the property without having to ask to check. Nothing is a bother. Colinette will always come up with a solution and the right advice.

In the past I have been passed around various employees of property management departments, none of whom really know the historical details of my property (work carried out, location of meter, etc.) or have any relationship with the tenant. XPPM have been a consistent safe pair of hands and I know the tenants definitely appreciate the efficiency of ongoing contact with a boutique size management team.

Peace of mind that all issues are being handled … Putting the landlord’s interest first … Financial management … Complete management of tenancy changeovers.

100% trust. Being on the other side of the world makes it essential to have someone I trust looking after my properties. I absolutely trust Colinette and her team with my house keys and have never been let down. XPPM responds quickly to queries, and makes it possible for me to feel confident having a substantial investment taken care of on my behalf.

You’re part of my extended team – you manage and take care of the property for me and represent my interests. You ensure the property adheres to requirements so I am in compliance, plus can advise on ‘best practices’ for property management – critical when tiering properties towards a specific market segment. You deliver personalized service and continuity, which is lost when working with larger organisations …

We have engaged XPPM non-stop since the summer of 2006. We only received a couple of month’s notice that we were relocating from Chiswick to Hong Kong. Asking friends and family for recommendations, XP’s name kept popping up. Amidst the tumultuous whirl of relocating, Colinette appeared – the very essence of cool, calm, unfazeable professionalism. Which has been the case for seven years now. Another massive family relocation, seven winters, three sets of tenants and related inventory/property checks and cleaning, two floods, eighty three monthly financial statements, seven sets of CO2 and electricity certifications, eight alarm system checks, one washing machine replacement, one rear door lock replacement, one waste disposal unit replacement … and more. All dealt with efficiently, economically, stresslessly and, for the most part, independently of us. Exactly what you need sitting thousands of miles away!

Think our approach makes sense? We’d love to hear from you. Whatever stage you’re at in property investment, whatever your portfolio, whatever your needs of the moment, we’ll put our abilities right at your side.


Think our approach makes sense? We’d love to hear from you. Whatever stage you’re at in property investment, whatever your portfolio, whatever your needs of the moment, we’ll put our abilities right at your side.



Think our approach makes sense? We’d love to hear from you. Whatever stage you’re at in property investment, whatever your portfolio, whatever your needs of the moment, we’ll put our abilities right at your side.

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